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Most of the photos you see here are taken with either my old camera - Kodak EasyShare C713 or my new Hitachi HDC-1086E

Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Big Switch On Photos

I've given a descriptive of the Big Switch On in Ely on My Ramblings, so I won't go into detail here. Pop over and have a read. Here's some of the photos I took. The live Nativity was hard to photograph as despite thinking we had a great spot to see it from, we had the official cameras and electricals near us too!

These are the sort of lights that are dotted around the tops of some of the shops in Ely

Believe it or not, these are some of the lights on the Christmas Tree on the Market Place

I'm never sure what setting to have my camera on, but here's a clearer shot. At least the bulbs look like the proper coloured ones not white household bulbs they usually have.
Hey, its a tree with lights and a star!! Are you impressed?
Some of the wise men - ok, two are actually wise women

The real wise men and their camels
The Wise Women and Shepherds

Do you think they were wondering what they'd done with their sheep?

Last, but by no means least ~ Ely Cathedral Girls Choir

Thanks for looking. If any of you have any ideas on getting better night photographs like this, please share them as I so want to improve my photography.

Love and hugs

Monday, 3 November 2008

Alexander Palace

Some of you will know I was at Alexander Palace at the end of September this year for the Big Stamping and Scrapbooking show. My friends and I took some photographs when we first arrived and some more before we left. Here's a selection of those I took:

I've cropped the next photo to focus on what it says

Thank you for looking

Love and hugs

Frosty Morning

I went out the other morning at about 7:30am to take David to work so I could have the car for the day. We were met with the first of a few consecutive frosty mornings. Here's what greeted us and I hope you've got your scarf and gloves on.

I'm always amazed by how pretty it looks when in reality it can be so dangerous on the roads (and paths).
Thanks for looking
Love and hugs

Sunday, 19 October 2008


Well everyone, it's definately Autumn and here's some of the photos I've taken this week.

Conker - just as it fell

Conker - after the rain

Conker Shells

Diamond Bark Tree

Red Berries

More Red Berries


Sugar Beet

Close-Up Of The Back of a Wind Turbine

Wind Turbines

Birds Over A Field

Tractor At Work

Tractor Surrounded By Birds

Purple Flower

Chocolate Box House

Thanks for looking
Love to you all

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Serenity Take 4

I'm a little late photographing this and I missed the end of September.

Here are the last 3 photos

Thanks for looking

Take care and love to you all,

Thursday, 4 September 2008

I Say "tomarto" You Say "tomAto"

If you saw our lettuces the other month, you'll know we've been busy growing salad. I went to them today and picked all these lovely yummy scrummy tomatoes. I so wish we had smellyvision as they smell as delicious as they taste.

Sorry to tease you all, but I'll be having some for my lunch AND tea.