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Most of the photos you see here are taken with either my old camera - Kodak EasyShare C713 or my new Hitachi HDC-1086E

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Being Almost Vegan

Yep, I've come to realise that by choosing to be vegetarian and then becoming lactose intolerant, I am all but vegan now. The only things that stop me being completely vegan are the fact that I still eat eggs, goats cheese and fish (as long as it's in batter or breadcrumbs).

It was my youngest sister's birthday on the 19th and she's vegetarian too, so we went to the Rainbow in Cambridge. We'd never been to a vegetarian restaurant before and were quite looking forward to sitting down to a meal out and not be surrounded by the smell and sight of meat and fish. When we got there, it was so quaint and there was so much choice for us. Much better than the pasta that vegetarians usually get offered. What to have was a decision and a half. In the end we both went for tomato and lentil soup and tajine a'lgerienne, then Jo had chocolate cola cake and I had vegan lemon and blackberry cheesecake. What was an even nicer surprise, was that I was given the sliver of leftover cheesecake to bring home. We never thought to take photos of our meal, but the photos on this post are of the restaurant sign and Jo after we'd eaten. Unfortunately it was raining quite hard, so the shots aren't as good as they could have been.

A big thumbs upto the people who run and work there. It's open from 10am to 10pm and they're happy for people to sit in there just with a drink. We're certainly earmarking it for future visits.

Thanks for looking and if you're in Cambridge wanting food or drink, why not check them out yourself?

Take care, Love and hugs
Sarah C xoxo

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I spent my first 8 and a half years in a village 6 miles from Ely and at the top of a hill leading to 'The Gault'. At certain times of the year the road at the bottom is flooded which means that my mum's cousins who own a farm the other side, have to travel miles to get to the local shop. One of my sisters lives in that same village with her family and after going to see her today I took a ride to see the latest floods. The foot-bridge you can see here has the road to the side which is currently under water and all photos are of the view from that bridge.

Thanks for looking
Take care, love and hugs
Sarah C xoxo

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Daisy - 1 year on

When this photo was taken, mum had had Daiy for just over a year. Mum's a home carer and one of her ladies is a dog lover. The lady bought Daisy a new blanket for Christmas. It was funny watching her making it her own as she sniffed every inch of it before rolling up in it as if to say "yeah, it's ok, I like it and you're not having it" LOL Here she is a little later sitting proudly on it after bundling it up like she does.

This is one of Daisy's favourite places to be. By mum's feet with one of her toys. I tried moving the chair to get a better photo, but she'd come out if I did. Camera shy I think.

Love and hugs, Sarah C  xoxo

UKS Whodunnit Cyber Crop

I took part in the UKScrappers Whodunnit Cyber Crop at the week-end. On my ramblings blog are the many craft items I made and here are the photos I took for some of the challenges:

Photograph your slippers and morning cuppa -
My slipper socks (I just love those crochet flowers) with one of several daily glasses of water
Step away from the desk! -
Would you believe my stash used to fit in the purple box under the desk?!?!?!
Snow on the ground and at midnight we were challenged to take an outdoor photo!
This is from the far end of the garden. I went out in summer style shoes, trousers and a t-shirt and crunched through the snow to get this shot! Goosebumps on goosebumps and snow in the shoes by the end LOL
Photo of your 'Special Branch'
Who else, but my Mum. As she wasn't here, here's a photo I took of a framed photo I have of her. She's famous for wearing hats at weddings and I just love that one don't you? 

Certainly some different photographic challenges there and it was all great fun. There were 2 photo  challenges I didn't take part in and they were - someone sleeping and you and your teddy. There was no-one here I could photograph sleeping and I don't have a teddy :(

Thank you for looking
Take care, love and hugs
Sarah C xoxo