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Most of the photos you see here are taken with either my old camera - Kodak EasyShare C713 or my new Hitachi HDC-1086E

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Aargh..... With A Happy Ending

Some of you already know that I've had a saga with my camera. I took the SIM card out to use in the card reader (as usual) and it wouldn't lock into place once I put it back. Thankfully, I'd had the camera exactly 51 weeks, so was just inside the guarantee. I was told by Kodak to take it back to Argos and they'd arrange for it to be picked up and taken to be mended within 2-3 weeks. So I did. I decided to ring Kodak on Monday (just over 2 weeks later) to see how it was doing. Just as well I did because the didn't even have it. After a call to Argos, it turned out that they had my camera still. A few (carefully chosen polite) words from me and they offered me a voucher to the value of what I paid for it. I added some birthday money to it (that I was sent early) and got myself a new 10MPX Hitachi HDC-1086E digital camera. Ok, I know it's still basic compared to what several people have nowadays, but I'm not used to having anything that's the latest hi-tech, all-singing, all-dancing, expensive piece of gadget around, but to me it's brilliant.

I had a little play with the buttons, then decided to test it out. Here's the first photo I took with it yesterday afternoon.

I'm guessing there'll be many more to come. Watch this space.

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