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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Ooh Look, A Wedding

Are you sitting comfortably? You'll need to because I'm about to bore you with wedding photos :D

My youngest sister Jo got married Saturday 14th March to Mark and; as always, I had my camera at the ready. One of my friends has e-mailed me to ask if I have photos on my blog, so here they are. I've managed to choose just a few from the 350 I took!!! Even the newly-weds haven't seen any photos yet as they're on honeymoon and don't get home until this Friday night.

We all had an absolutely wonderful day. Everyone looked amazing, the flowers were beautiful,  the weather was warm and dry, the food delicious and there were smiles all round from beginning to end. Ok, Jo had a tear just as they were setting off on honeymoon, but it was more from sheer exhaustion than anything else.

Before any of you ask, the bridesmaids are not related. The eldest is our niece and the youngest is the daughter of a friend of Jo & Mark's from their church.

Our eldest nephew walking his Nanny (Bride's Mum) down the aisle

Mark (groom) watching Jo (bride) walk down the aisle
(He's half Scottish hence the kilt)

at the alter before the vows

Bride & Groom with bridesmaids, Groom's Dad and Bride's Mum

Our family

The rest of the Scottish clan

The alter flowers arranged by ladies from their church

Church window dressings

Jo had been a bride as one half of a fancy dress couple as a child.
Mum enlisted my help to enlarge the photos ready for her speech.
They worked a treat as you can see by Jo's very quickly hidden face! LOL

Proof of Jo & Mark dancing at the ceildh in the evening

Jo & Mark cutting the cake that a friend of our family had made.
They wanted a chocolate cake and even the icing was chocolate flavoured

Our niece posing with the cake

Some of the detail on the back of Jo's dress

Detail on the back of the bridesmaids dresses

Thanks for looking and making it to the end.
Take care, love and hugs
Sarah C xoxo

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